Terms and Conditions:

1. Park timings are subject to change. Please confirm the current timings before booking your tickets or planning your trip.

2. Entry into activities are restricted as per weight/age and height criterion. Guests are requested to confirm the same from the ticket counter and/or telephone helpline.

3. Entry in to the park is subject to restrictions and reservations and in case of any doubt it shall be the sole decision of the management to allow or disallow any guests.

4. Entry ticket is mandatory for all visitors to the park unless otherwise exempted by Park Management

5. Photography/Videography is not allowed using DSLRs and other professional equipment. However, same can be used for a small charge payable at ticket counter.

6. The Park is a family Park and discourages use of any mind altering substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or any other drugs. Any guests found under the influence shall on the decision of the management be removed from the park/cancel the tickets and/or deny entry into the park without refund.

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